Andalusian music

The above music would not be out of place at a Middle Eastern/Andalusi event. However, most of the pictures used are Orientalist and not period.
There is a Swedish band called Qiyan Krets does Andalusian music, including Sephardic music.
For those interested, The Arab Classical Music Society has a website where sheet music can be downloaded using Adobe. You can search using Maqam, genre, composer and region.
Andalusian Music is the traditional urban music of the Maghreb – spanning Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya in National Geographic.
Interview with Dwight Reynolds: Al-Andalus 1: Europe by Banning Eyre. In
Interview with Dwight Reynolds: Al-Andalus 2: North Africa and Beyond by Banning Eyre. In
Two thousand years of Jewish life in Morocco by Haïm Zafrani. On Google Books.
Historical Perspectives on Andalusian Music on Americanistan.

2 comments on “Andalusian music

  1. Sally Sehlin says:

    Thank you for mentioning Qiyans Krets! But the group is Swedish, just to be correct. Thank you!

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