A tiraz challenge

This textile was found in Tinnis Egypt. It is of polished linen, embroidered with red silk. The size is 31.5 x 11 cm (length x width) with a thread count of 32 per centimetre. It was found in a burial, used as a shroud but it would not have been created for that purpose. More likely it would have been a a robe, turban cloth, shawl or sash. It is in running and slant stitches.

The textile can be found in the Ashmolean.

I have charted the tiraz and it is available for download in a pdf document. It is a very long band, so is in three lines, going right to left. This is how Arabic and Hebrew are read. The next line takes up one stitch to the left of the line on the top.

Please let me know what you you think. I would like to thank my long suffering husband for cleaning it up & making it legible.

Tiraz 901AD

It translates as- “ln the name of God. Praise be to God. The favour of God to the servant of God. Abu’l-‘Abbas, the Imam, al-Mu’tadid bi’llah, Commander of the Faithful, may God strengthen him. This is what he ordered, may God glorify him, to be made in the workshop of Tinnis, at the hands of ‘Ubaid Allah, son of Sulaiman, in the year 288

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