Egyptian rock crystal

This ewer is one of only six known Fatimid ewers to have survived. It turned up at a country auction as a French claret jug, and was expected to have sold for £100-200, but sold for £220,000 to an anonymous buyer. This buyer then sold it at Christies for £3 million ($5.3 million).
At 7.1cm high, it is a four-footed or molar flask. This shape is very common for perfume bottles, though usually made of glass.  Sold by Christies for £25,000 ($38,350).
This is a 4cm high pot on a special foot (broken) with a missing lid. Sold by Christies for £3,500 ($5,390).

This Abbasid bottle is 6.4cm high from 9th century Mesopotamia. It sold for £46,850 ($73,976) at Christies.
Elite Choice– Fatimid Rock Crystal Ewer To Fetch $5.3 million at Christie’s Sale.
The Ios Minaret– Medieval Islamic ewer sold for over £ 3 million.
Literary Reading– Fatimid Rock Crystal Ewers, Most Valuable Objects in Islamic Art.

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