A Blackwork Challenge

I have been studying a particular piece in the Ashmolean. This is the piece from the Mamluk period c1435.

The document is a pdf file, done in Inkscape. It is able to be opened by Adobe. I ran out of room on the “page” but the design is done three times on the linen towel, in blue silk.
1435 Mamluk towel
Please let me know how well or badly it goes. I have added the forgotten bottom line of geometric blackwork. I would like to thank my husband for helping me with the format too.

One comment on “A Blackwork Challenge

  1. […] the Guild she got a horn bowl & spoon (for her salt) and a tea towel based on the chart from A Blackwork Challenge- It is silk on linen. I used Guterman silk, since it is quite fine & doesn’t fray. The […]

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