Gentile Bellini

Born 1429, died 1507 in Venice Italy. Coming from a family of famous painters, Gentile Bellini was famous in his time for his portrait painting. However, in 1479 he was sent as cultural ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, at that time ruled by Mehmed II.

The above painting was done in 1480 and is in the National Gallery, London.

This picture of a Turkish woman also gives the colour of her clothes, for possible later painting. Done in pen and pencil, it can be found in the British Museum.

The picture is also pen and pencil. A Janissary.

The seated scribe, in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.
Gentile Bellini and the East– a special ISGM exhibit.
Jstor– A portrait by Gentile Bellini found in Constantinople by J.R. Martin.
Jstor– New originals and Oriental copies of Gentile Bellini found in the East by F.R. Martin.
Jstor– The Portraits of Mehmet II by Armenag Sakisian.

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