A Persian Kamis

This is a 14th century Kamis, which is a shirt worn under the coat. It is made out of cotton, with a plain weave. The height is 130cm, the width 219cm. It has tapered sleeves attached at the shoulder and pleats to highlight the waist. It is of rectangle and triangle (at the sides) construction.
Embroidered in black is a flowering tree, with leaves and two long-tailed birds. It uses chain and running stitch.

The interesting part is that the neckline has not been cut out. The Kamis is supposed to be done up by buttons, using strategic “gaps” in the opening to show off a woman’s body.

Persian Embroidery: a study in miniatures by Dinah Tackett.
Historic Needlework Resources.
14th C. Persian Cotton Kamis/Pirihan written by Sara Kuehn and hosted by Dar Anahita.
Islam in India and Pakistan by Annemarie Schimmel. It is a limited preview as it is Google Books.

3 comments on “A Persian Kamis

  1. Ute says:

    Is it possible that the pictures are only showing the back of the Kamis?

  2. […] you for reading and I hope you enjoy what is offered here. Now I need to start in on re-creating a fourteenth century pirahan. This is the undergarment for the coats and the foundation for where we will […]

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