Some Jewelry

Gold with filigree and superimposed coils. Diameter of 6.7cm.

Made in the 11th century Fustat (later named Cairo which was the capital of Fatimid Egypt).

Gold embellished with enamel. Diameter of 2.5cm. Translation- “God is the best protector”.

Also 11th century Fustat. Both of the above items can be found at the Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo, Egypt.

Woven gold, but hollow. Length (at longest point) 3.5 cm, depth (at deepest point) 1.21 cm. They are small birds carrying a ball in it’s beak.

Thought to be 11th-12th century, from Raqqa, Syria. These earrings can be found in the National Museum of Damascus, Damascus, Syria.

Taken from the page Literary Readings.

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