Our first event- the Ottoman Caravanserai

Our first event was held  on the 14th of August 2010 at Allsaints Hall in Hawthorn. I was your autocrat and Lady Antonia di Lorenzo was the feastocrat.

Our Menu

Bawarid (cold dishes):

Fresh dates
‘Ijja min Badhinjan [eggplant balls]
Baridat silq [spicy spinach and fava bean puree]
Sibagh [fried fish with raisin sauce]
Zaitun [marinated olives]
Herbed yoghurt
Selection of breads

Hot Dishes:

Maqluba-e Na’na Mukhallal [lamb and walnut rissoles with dipping sauce]
Narjisiya [spicy lamb stew with asparagus]
Zirbat [chicken with almonds and rosewater]
Khoreshe Fesenjan [duck in pomegranate and walnut sauce]
Fustaqiya [shredded chicken with pistachios]
Aruzz mulfalfal [rice pilaf]
Badhinjan mahshi [eggplant with fried onions]
Baridat al-lubya [beans with mustard dressing]


Almond milk rice pudding
Klaicha [date-filled pastries]
Manalsama [walnut-filled pastries]
Khushknanaj [sesame rolls with scented marzipan filling]
Fresh fruit
Sugar dome with rosewater toffee, sesame toffee and pistachio nougat

To drink:

Sharbat-e sekanjabin [crushed ice with syrups] – ginger, pomegranate, spice
Turkish coffee
Mint tea

There were some photos taken, which are up on Facebook here. Thanks Geoffrey! . I will post the link to them once I get the public link. Here is a link to Stormscroll which has the recipe for duck with pomegranate and a review of the event.

4 comments on “Our first event- the Ottoman Caravanserai

  1. obsidian says:

    Do you know where we can find the recipes for the pomegranate and spice sekanjabin?

  2. I have heard from Lady Antonia, our Feastocrat. She boiled up equal amount of pomegranate juice (for about $6 per litre) and sugar. Until the sugar is dissolved & then cool.

    Have a look at the Oxymel post, which has a link to Cariadoc’s Miscellany.

  3. obsidian says:

    So the spicy one is the “Hippocras” on the Miscellany?

    • No- here is the recipe for Spicy Sekanjabin-
      2 cups sugar
      1 cup water
      1/2 cup red wine vinegar
      cinnamon sticks
      whole cloves
      star anise

      Bring all to a gentle simmer for 10 minutes. Leave to cool and infuse overnight then strain off the spices and bottle.

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